Celica 20millipn credits, how?

How can someone already be able to sell the celica for 20million yet I can’t get more than 1.3 million ?

It doesn’t make sense I’ve checked this persons account and yet only level 1 painter and tuner.

Am I just an idiot or am I missing something here

Ranks are broken in FH5, everybody is still rank 1, legendary or not.

I can understand that but the car had no tune or paint
So couldn’t increase price I was highest rank in horizon 3 and 4 but wouldn’t up the max unless I added paints or tunes to the car I was selling
Maybe they just go off your rank these days

Yeah, sure, then why are people able to sell cars for 20 million? you can only do that if you have legendary status.

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FYI … painter or tuner rank has nothing to do with legendary status and the ability to auction things for $20M. Rank has never been tied to legendary status … even in previous games.

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Can you eplain what legendary status is then?

Legendary Status is to get 50000 Downloads, Likes and Uses combined together, any number of each totalling 50000.

A price of 20 million for an untuned and unpainted car is ridiculous, no one in their right mind would pay that unless they are trying to off load hacked/cheated money.

Supply vs demand

Nonsense, its as I said someone with a hacked game selling cars or buying them to launder the money or the cars, probably got two accounts one with the hacked game and one with a legit game they are simply trading the money and cars between the two.