Caterham FE (maybe regular too?) severe model bug

Had put a winter tune on my Caterham (which is Forza Edition not sure if that matters for this though, might happen on the regular too) and when I started driving around noticed some werid stuff going on and coming out of the wheel. Noticed it seems to reach full size when suspension is fully extended but the top thing’s angle and the size of the bottom thing seems associated with the amount of suspension travel, so as you’re driving around there is this stuff just flashing in and out of the wheel.

Reapplied my summer tune and it wasn’t happening. Reapplied winter again, happening again.

Played around a bit it appears that unless the suspension ride height is set to all the way lowered this happens

EDIT: Added another image
EDIT2: Played around with tuning the severity seems to be related to the difference between the front and rear suspension. 3.1 front 3.6 rear was my settings