Castaways: Complete every Co-op Storm Island Bucket List Challenge. Achievement will not unlock.

yesterday I completed this with a friend online and it will not unlock. I then got another achievement to unlock after this. I read a post about another person not getting some achievements to unlock yesterday. Then someone responded that Turn 10 had someone working on this.
My question is this: if they fix this after you get the achievement items finished, then will the achievement pop once they have fixed the issue?
I should not have to finish all of the co-op bucket list again because the game says 8/8 complete already. I just want to know what to expect.

It’ll probably show up within 24 hours. I had the same problem with the bonus boards achievement and like u, unlocked others after it, which popped just fine. Just wait about a day before u start getting worried.

Yes, if you’ve completed it, it is done and the achievement will pop when it gets fixed or when it goes through all the proper systems.

I know I got that achievement last night around midnight my local time and it popped the minute the last bucket list challenge said “FINISHED!”

On the Bucket List front, I found them all to be way easier on Co-op but maybe that’s because the two I found to be hard I had spent so much time on in Solo. If you do need someone to replay them with later - hit me up.