CarWars AutoDuelists will be present in FM2023 (FM8)

CarWars AutoDuelists will be remaining with the Forza franchise. Most of our league rules will still be in effect (see below). We will finish our current FM7 championship “A History of Motorsport” while members are getting used to the new FM 3D engine and starting their new career modes.

CarWars AutoDuelists League Rules:
No tinted windows.
Driver number and name (real name or gamertag) clearly visible on both left and right sides of the car, additional is acceptable.
Country of residence flag must be visible on the car.
Cars must bare the league name CarWars or CarWars AutoDuelists. If you belong to additional leagues/clubs, you can put that on your car in addition to your or the official shared CWAD decals.
All builds, tunes and paints must be self-made or shared by a current CarWars league member. (I will share at least one tune for each division).
This championship will use the standard CarWars AutoDuelists 10 point system: 1-3 points for qualifying, 1-3 points for time-trialing and 1-10 points for each race of the evening. -1 pt per penalty to a maximum of zero (0) per race.
Griefing, ramming, pressuring will not be tolerated.
League is open to adult players of any skill level. Teens are welcome with referral.
Mic chat is recommended but not required. Party messaging chat participation is required.

Standard Membership includes weekly racing (1-2 hours per night, once a week) with predescribed racing rules and your seasonal championship points, FREE
Advance Membership includes full stats career card, one free paint deluxe job per month, $20CAN/YR
Professional Membership includes career card, one free deluxe paint job per week, $30CAN/YR
Ultimate Membership includes career card, unlimited free deluxe paintjobs, CarWars AutoDuelists personalized T-shirt in your size, $50CAN/YR

FM2023 (FM8) Driver Roster Below (PM me here or on Xbox Live to reserve your driver number:

Upcoming Forza Motorsport CarWars AutoDuelists Roster

#74 RandyTessier - Canada - League Owner / Livery Master
#24 Nooma341 - Canada - League Moderator
#33 Greentrees - United Kingdom - Tuner Master
#14 CHUBB589 - United States - Member
#105 RustableWizard - United States - Member
#67 CMyLizards - United States - Member