CARWARS AutoDuelists ~ Suesday Night Sprints (2022 Season Two)

Every Sunday evening at 6:00pm eastern standard time, the CARWARS AutoDuelists club hosts a multirace championship utilizing cars we picked during week 1. Each subsequent week we will all driver the same one of those cars and the driver who chose that car in week one will set that weeks class. In the case of DLC cars, a driver without that car can use the previous weeks car. This way each competitor gets to make some decision into what were doing. Its is ran by myself, club leader RandyTessier, using an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of all league decisions and championship points using the standard CARWARS 10 point system; 1st +10 points, 2nd +9, 3rd +8, 4&5 +7, 6&7 +6, 8&9&10 +5… etc. At the end of the night the points are tallied and averaged out to give a final weeks standing. Qualifying for each race is not mandatory, but is worth additional points. Sound like fun? The current 2022 Sunday Night sprints has just started, send RandyTessier, Nooma341 or rerebuilder a message to join our club and events.

SNS 2022B Week 1 E300 @ Sonoma

1st 7.2 #32 LostReaper '56 Ford F100 Q:DNP R1:2nd+9 R2:5th+7 R3:1st+10 R4:1st+10
2nd 7.0 #66 GrimRogerSE '68 VW Karman Ghia Q:6th+2 R1:1st+10 R2:2nd+9 R3:6th+6 R4:3rd+8
3rd 6.6 #77 GT500 x Wills x '68 Holden Monaro Q:10th+1 R1:3rd+8 R2:3rd+8 R3:5th+7 R4:2nd+9
4th 6.2 #74 RandyTessier '15 Polaris RZR Q:1st+3 R1:5th+7 R2:8th+5 R3:2nd+9 R4:5th+7
5th 5.8 #105 RustableWizard '90 Mazda MX5 Q:4th+2 R1:8th+5 R2:1st+10 R3:7th+6 R4:6th+6
6th 5.8 #326 PoorPeterParker '70 Porsche 914/6 Q:3rd+3 R1:9th+5 R2:7th+6 R3:3rd+8 R4:4th+7
7th 5.2 #24 Nooma341 '75 Fiat X1/9 Q:5th+2 R1:10th+5 R2:6th+6 R3:4th+7 R4:7th+6
8th 4.6 #84 rerebuilder '70 Datsun 510 Q:7th+2 R1:6th+6 R2:10th+5 R3:8th+5 R4:9th+5
9th 4.2 #67 Ilickwindows736 '32 Ford 5W-D Q:9th+1 R1:4th+7 R2:11th+4 R3:9th+5 R4:10th+5
10th 4.0 #14 CHUBB589 '93 Nissan 240SX Q:8th+5 R1:11th+4 R2:9th+5 R3:10th+5 R4:8th+5
11th 3.2 #12 Sleight’o’Shred '88 Chevy MonteCarlo Q:2nd+3 R1:7th+6 R2:4th+7 R3:DNP R4:DNP