Cars - Volkswagen Corrado VR6 1995 - Unnatural reflections on right hand door (1685612)

Glad to see the Corrado still in our Forza games, but there is an issue with the right-side lower panel that can be somewhat distracting while racing. I’ve circled the issue below. The screenshots below are from photo mode, but it is visible when driving/racing at any time.

It’s small, but it is rather bright/distracting at times if driving in third person and affects any paint/liveries applied, and causes unusual reflections at any time of day.

It is NOT visible in the Car Hub, only while in-game/on-track. I do have Full RT/Max settings/200% scaling as well. This is visible at 100% resolution scaling though, too.

Gigabyte RTX 4090
GeForce Game Ready Driver Version 537.58 (current)

Gotta love upscaled Motorsport 1 models.

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