Cars - Toyota Supra RZ 1998 - inaccurate engine sound (1654763)

Hello Turn 10, this is my very first post in this community. First of all, I am a car enthusiast and a gamer who has played racing games for two decades. I was really excited about the new Forza Motorsport (2023) and eventually bought the game. The Physics, tracks and tire models, dynamic weathers are incredible and I am really amazed how realistic and immersive the gameplay feels. Every second of the driving experience is thrilling and beautiful. I would like to thank you for responding back to the community with an update 2.0 coming next month as I am also experiencing the nasty bugs and instability in my game.

Now the main part, so I bought two cars in this game, 1998 Toyota Supra RZ(A80) and 2002 Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R V-Spec II and I was hoping it will sound great. However, as I revved these engines and drove the cars for a while, it was not what I expected. The sounds of these cars felt disappointing and does not even sound like a supra and skyline in their bare bone stock form. It sounds very much compressed, flat, synthesized and feels like they are not expressing the pure emotions at all. I mean that’s not how a stock 2JZ-GTE and RB26DETT would sound in real life. These 2 cars are very much popular and favorites among all the cars since The Fast and The Furious movies. It will be amazing if these 2 cars get the love they deserve through an overall sound update to sound accurate and realistic. Because a disappointing car sound has no essence of the car itself. I think the sounds will improve if they get uncompressed and tweaked where necessary so that it feels less synthesized and computerized but has natural mechanical sound of the engines. Furthermore, I also noticed how all the cars have slow gear shifting and that the gear shifting sound is not natural, hope this gets fixed as well.

Therefore, in this post I am providing some links to the YouTube of stock sounding A80 Supra and R34 Skyline GTR as well as their tuned versions, although I know these won’t be enough but at least you will get the picture. Once again, I really hope you look into these issues I mentioned above and give a sound update to these 2 iconic JDM cars to make the experience more thrilling and enjoyable.

For A80 Supra:

For R34 Skyline GTR(I could not find the links to the proper stock sounding ones, I hope these help )

As for everyone please feel free to share and add your thoughts, or correct anything in this thread. With all that being said thank you for taking the time to read and have nice day :smile:

I have posted the topic already but I think it looks clumsy and unorganized so I would request @T10ManteoMax to delete the previous related topic as I am now rewriting to keep it clean and concise.

I will go straight to the point, the 1998 Toyota Supra RZ sounds very disappointing in FM 2023. It does not sound close to the real life counterpart rather it has a compressed, flat and synthesized sound, both in stock and when tuned. It’s way off and artificial making it lifeless, emotionless and that is not how a 2JZ-GTE sound in real life. Hence, the supra needs a love through the sound update as it is the most iconic JDM car. I will give links for comparison and it will be my request to fix the sound of this car immediately. I hope this helps to solve the issue.

This is how it currently sounds in the game

  • Stock
  • Tuned

And this is how Supra sounds in real life

  • 2JZ-GE
  • 2JZ-GTE
  • Tuned(It will be awesome if we have this sound in the game when tuned)
  • Tuned Supra
  • Another Tuned Supra

The 1998 Toyota Supra RZ sounds very upsetting in FM 2023 as it does not sound close to the real life counterpart. Compressed, Lack of depth and Highly synthesized are the keywords to describe the current sound of this car. Here is how it sounds in the game(both stock and tuned):

Therefore, please give Supra a necessary sound update to make it accurate and realistic. Down below I am providing some links as sample sounds and I hope we all get to see this kind of sound in the game soon.

Update: @JetPartySalad I have added few more links and denoted the videos to point out which ones are stock and which ones are tuned. Please use the samples from here only so that no confusions arise. Hope to see this car getting an updated sound soon. Thank you so much for taking the time



Its another made up or placeholder sound in the game i think. Doesn’t do the real car justice even after applying full engine upgrades.

FM 5 and 6 have an excellent Supra sound. Why not just use that and update it?

I think it will be better to use the samples sounds of the actual car, so that every note and every element can be heard. Like how the LFA sound got corrected, now it sounds like LFA V10 right? I have seen the supra sound in FM5 and FM6, it sounds okay, but still it’s trumpety and robotic. Does not give that 2JZ-GTE feels on both stock or tuned form. That’s why it will be better to use the real life sound of the car than using the previous motorsport sounds. Also, if you check GT7, it’s got the best stock 2JZ sound of the supra.

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Agreed. Hoping to see more sounds along with the Supra getting fixed in future updates.

T10 is till the largest racing game developer on Xbox. They can definitely put that budget to good use and give us the real car sounds which also come out properly through 5.1/7.1 systems.

The dynamic range is really off on most cars I’ve driven in the game so far.

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