Cars - Toyota Supra 2.0 GT - Inaccurate and Outdated Car Model

It becomes tiring when Supras are always talked about - especially their car models in FORZA. The Supra 2.0 GT is no exception due to its generally poor proportions to say the least!

You can find the linked post to FH5 car issues highlighting some of the issues with this vehicle’s model given this is shared between both titles.

Requesting T10 to simply discard and redo this car’s model before your next “built from the ground up” game.

Here is the same car as it appears in the first Forza Motorsport


I believe this needs proper information on highlighting its inaccuracies and comparing between the Forza model and the real model of the car.

Anyways, I would like to compare it to Gran Turismo’s Mk3 Supra, where they have it as the 3.0GT Turbo A with the 7M-GTE under the hood.