Cars - Toyota MR2 GT ‘95 - Inaccurate and Outdated Car Model (1795084)

It’s moments like these when you realize how much patience true FORZA fans really have when putting up with these issues

Another famous JDM sports car affected by the car model plague in FORZA, the 1995 Toyota MR2 is just wrong and outdated in every way from proportions to details.

You can find a linked post highlighting everything wrong with this particular vehicle shared between FH5 AND FM 2023.

I wish the vehicle and development team paid close attention to all car models’s that were added pre - FM5 at least!


Like many others, this one has no engine bay. I’m surprised that you’ve discovered more outdated models, but let’s not push Turn 10 too hard, alright? They can only recapture so much at a time.

6 years of development. Well more than a decade of experience. If anything, we didn’t push them enough. They still have time before any future titles, so they can just do what they have previously done, and that is - outsource the work. T10 and MS have the money for that

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Pardon. And if they do have the money, then they should take this in seriously so they can truly redo everything from the ground up. With Pixel Mafia, they can scan multiple cars simultaneously, so we can be happy about that.

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Here is the same car as it appears in the first Forza Motorsport