Cars - Toyota Celica Sport Specialty II (T230) 2003 - Inaccurate car model (1786623)

This issue has persisted since the first Forza Motorsport on the original XBox, but in reality has gotten worse since Motorsport 2. The T230 Celica in Forza Motorsport has a genuinely horrible 3D model. It is deformed in pretty much all possible ways, and not a single aftermarket body kit fixes it to any extent.

Since it’s very difficult to find images of this particular body kit for the Celica, I will limit myself to just one picture with this kit, and use the standard Celica/Celica GT kit for other comparisons, as it does not change the body line.

Surprisingly, after 16 years of the Celica SS-II having dials of the 140hp 1ZZ variant, someone in Turn10 noticed that this is very much incorrect and modified the rev counter to unevenly display the correct amount of redline RPM. So it is now time to fix the rest of the model, which is very much deformed. The front bumper of this kit is not round enough and the air ducts are too square and too big. Really, all parts of the kit are just very low quality and have incorrect shape.

All other inaccuracies of the car don’t require using the factory SS-II kit, so I applied the GT-S kit for easier comparisons.
The entire car has incorrect shapes and dimensions. It is too tall, too short and very disproportionate. The front end is scaled wrong, with the lights being way too big, and the GT-S kit front bumper being not round enough and having inaccurate air duct shapes. The bumper itself has cutoffs in the wrong spots, and because of that front bumpers from any other 3D models of this gen Celica do not fit. The body line is just awful, the roof is too tall and the side line is not sharp enough, while the side windows don’t follow a single curved line. The wheels are disproportionately small, and the rims are unnecessarily painted chrome.

For clarification, the version used for comparison here is an EU market model, while the model in FM is supposed to be a Japanese market model, but the only difference between the two is the fog and reverse lights.
The GT-S rear bumper is shaped incorrectly, and so is the factory SS-II rear bumper. The whole rear end is too tall and too wide. Tail lights are shaped incorrectly, not round enough.

Overall, the 3D model of this Celica feels very dated. It’s disproportionate and low quality.

Plus, why the hell do we have to call it Sport Specialty II now, and not SS-II? Honestly, Forza’s censorship is an unnecessary joke!


Not to mention the incorrect logo placement on all aftermarket front bumpers which has been going on since FM1


A 2ZZ Celica with a 1ZZ Tachometer, how clever. That was the noticeable attention.

Same problem with calling various Chevrolet SS Cars as “Super Sport” by removing SS badges from them, as it persists since FM6.


Here is the same car as it appears in the first Forza Motorsport