Cars - Subaru Impreza WRX STi (GD) 2005 - Inaccurate car model

This issue has persisted since Forza Motorsport 2, and the Motorsport 5 model changes, while vast, weren’t enough. The Hawkeye Impreza in Forza still has an inaccurate and low quality car model. While it’s not as terrible as the Blobeye Impreza also featured in Forza Motorsport, this Motorsport 2/5 model should not have been brought back as a “new” car in Update 10.

All body shapes are slightly incorrect, to a point where the whole model feels very off. The front proportions are broken due to the incorrect shape of the headlights, which for some reason come from a USDM model despite this Impreza clearly being a JDM car since it’s right hand drive and has side indicators. The wheels are incorrectly shaped and low quality.

The rear lights are not round enough on the sides. The rear bumper is too big on the bottom part. Once again, the car is a JDM model, here it’s because it doesn’t have a rear fog light which this EUDM model does. All parts of this model are of subpar quality compared to newer models, especially panel gaps.

Overall, this model is surprisingly not terrible, but still needs to be replaced with a new scan. As is the case with the NSX NA1, a remodel would go a long way, because it would allow for more accurate body kits and more accurate other trims of the Impreza, even make modeling the Bugeye Impreza easier. You can do it!

As it returned in Update 10, the same old model still existed. Its body proportions are very similar to the 2004 Blobeye and 2002 Bugeye, because this one is the 2nd facelift of the 2nd-gen Impreza. Bugeye’s not in the game series so I bet it will be accurate unlike the Blobeye and the Hawkeye.

So the two 2nd-gen Imprezas in Forza games shared the same disproportioned model, then I managed to find out the similar inaccuracies between both cars which are:

  • The roof is curved, whereas it should be flat just like the real car
  • Quarter panels are misshaped
  • A-pillar looks a bit thicker
  • The body width in the Forza model seems a bit narrowed compared to the real one
  • They have shared the same wrong mirror shape altogether
  • Both have USDM headlights despite they are meant to be JDM-spec models

As for this Hawkeye STI, the EUDM/AUDM, and JDM models of it have pure clear headlights, which is a very minor difference compared to the Blobeye in different region markets. Only the USDM one gets the amber orange marker lights in the upper corner of the headlight.


Front end doesn’t look too bad, but it was slightly misshaped, is all.


And for the rear end, it’s looks tragic. It looks too inaccurately big. Big and narrow. From the taillights all the way to the rear bumper. This is so wrong.


So, putting back an inaccurately modeled car as post-launch content? This is PURE RECYCLING from the previous titles and it’s COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE!!! It didn’t get a well-deserved remodel sadly, at least they should’ve RESCANNED it instead of BRINGING THE SAME OLD OUTDATED MODEL BACK!!! This doesn’t comply within today’s standards of quality.


In this instance, I heard that the X360 Motorsport titles have the STI S204 model. I think T10 should rescan this.

And not to mention that NFS modeled the Hawkeye STI better.


One thing common about these car modelling complaints is that almost none of the cars in the game look up to scale compared to the actual car.

For example, the headlights and brake lights would be too close together, or the car will not be wide enough or too tall. They just don’t look up to scale and that comes down to inconsistencies in car modelling. FM4 has incredible in-game and Forza Vista car models to this day. What went so wrong I wonder?


What went wrong is that they stopped modeling cars in-house around that time and bought them from amateurish out-sourcing studios because it’s cheaper that way. And there’s absolutely no quality control at Turn10 because none of the devs left know anything about cars. One of the current Project Manager literally made her whole career at Micorosft working on Office & Outlook prior to FM… That’s how ridiculous the situation is.
Only Polyphony models their own car assets now.m AFAIK.


Wow… That’s really depressing. Never investing my monies in their products again.

Do you remember the video of FM 4 where they were showing how cars are visually modelled and recorded? Oh man… The days.


It’s this video right here.

Well the reason FM went to a Devolution is because that the people who worked on FM4 are enthusiastic and skilled people in the same Turn 10 studio. And now, they were most likely replaced by people who are inexperienced and unqualified, which caused the new FM to flop.


Nick Wisewell! The man behind FM 4’s audio gimmickry. He’s working for Polyphony now.

And Brian Eckberg! Where is this genius now?

Oh, the days! FM 4 and Xbox 360… I thought I had the national treasure of car games in my hands :grin:

Brian left more than 3 years ago.

Sad. The original team from the Xbox and Xbox 360 days was the best. Even FM 5 and 6 turned out beautifully. It’s with FM 7 and thereon that we’ve had to deal with disappointments.

I think this is not just a T10 Studios problem but more of a Microsoft problem. Oh how I wish ol’ Bill Gates was passionate about cars and cars in gaming.

The moment I have the funds, I’m getting myself a PlayStation + GT7. Those guys do many things incredibly well and this goes all the way back to the first GT game on the PS1. Good memories :smile:

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