Cars retaining stock PI in the garage

how to explain this?

i want to be able to see the stock PI a car came with after making changes to it in the garage.

when needing to choose cars to do anything we need to make sure we have them in the correct class but i dont want to choose a car only to find out i cant use and end up removing a tune from that car (i barely save any of my tunes).

example: 1970 ford gt70 when you look at the thumbnail
b671 mid engine rwd and the “stock” tires show offroad
now i change it to s900 awd slicks. then a playlist event (c600 CC) comes along and i want to use the gt70. i know its not normally an s900 but not sure if its a C-class instead of setting default tune and ruining say a good street tune just to find out that car wont fit in that class for the race.

SUGGESTION: Use the backside of the thumbnail to show the stock configuration use the toggle stats button and have the thumbnail flip when you switch the stats.