Cars - Porsche 911 GT3 21' - Incorrect Interior lighting for switches/buttons

The Porsche 911 GT3’21 has wrong interior lighting color for the switches. The purple lighting is once again the wrong lighting color and is not reminiscent of the real life interior in a Porsche 911 GT3.

This repeating error is also seen in all C8 Corvettes production cars in the new Motorsport! :man_facepalming:

all interiors aside, guess what?

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Wow! That GT3 sure does look lifeless like every car in FM! GT7 has widened their lead in car modeling and visuals.

The 2021 Porsche 911 GT3 has wrong interior lighting.

The interior switches incorrectly lit in red and blue when it is supposed to be evenly lit in white like IRL and when compared to the correct version in FH5.

The rev gauge metric line is also incorrectly lit. The metric lines are supposed to be individually lit in yellow. It looks like somebody went crazy with a lime green highlighter :man_facepalming:.

The only red switch is for the auto headlights - and there are no switches lit on the far left side in the game.

For real, how can you mix up a Porsche interior with Hyundai lighting? I am seriously concerned about your attention to detail and passion for FORZA?


Does this issue still persist after recent updates? Would it be possible to provide a video of this in action?

Yes it does!

After the latest update, it still is erroneous! The interior lighting is the wrong color in purple and the rev gauge is also incorrect with the lime green accents.

The rev metric lines are supposed to match the color of the yellow gauge needle. And the interior switches in any Porsche including the GT3 is a cool white.



The car model in Forza is too narrow because it’s based on the existing 2019 Carrera S model and not the slightly wider Turbo?


The model, lighting, shaders and materials look significantly better in FH5.

The cars and their lines all look soft, bland and unrefined in FM for some reason

I mean just look at the wheels, the inner barrel, and window frames etc here in the FM. You tell me which is the actual Shark Blue.

I do know for a fact that the GT3 is based on the Carrera body while the new GT3 RS is based on the Turbo body.

I think what @IONLYplay9793 meant is how terrible the FM model looks due to the lack of paint accuracy and depth, reflection, shaders and contrast. The lack of paint depth, contrast and reflection is so bad you cannot make out the arches of the vehicle.

Strange enough, the vegetation (trees) look worse than FH5.

All of this looks significantly worse during during daytime. And it’s the same ugly blue from the Skyline R34.


That’s just FM’s broken lighting. When this is fixed within the next 100 years then FM will be a closer match to FH5


it’s the lighting and the detail.
Look at the body paint, look at the wheels… it’s…

And the trees in the background.


Really it’s both