Cars - Porsche 911 GT2 '18 - Weak and lacklustre sound

The sound is quiet, compressed and distant in cockpit view. It also doesn’t sound fully correct in the external views.

For reference, FM7 has a more accurate sound and to some degree, FH5.

Reported since March.

Can we have a look at this please?

It’s passable from the external views but cockpit sound lacks punch, bass, rumble and impact. Sounds too much like a striped down race car cockpit which shouldn’t be the case as it’s a road car.

Is this not getting bug logged?

The sound from the first person onboard views on this car is flat, hollow, and “small”.

Shouldn’t I be hearing and feeling the power, impact, oomph, rumble, and vibration from the engine and exhaust system?

Please improve the first person view sounds. The car sounds very flat and hollow. Reminds me of how you released FM 7 with weak, flat, hollow, and faraway sounds. The sounds need to start utilising dynamic 5.1/7.1 sound stage!