Cars - Nissan Skyline GTS-R 1987 - Shape and color of the taillights does not match (1685362)

The taillights on the '87 Skyline are clear, when they shouldn’t be. Oddly, this was also present on a promotion screenshot, but was not fixed. Promotional screenshot vs. in-game. Xbox Series X, Performance RT.

R31 skyline have broken tail lights, they have white color

r33 have broken tail lights too, broken UV

Silivia S14 kouki have broken head lights on top, if open hood in forza vista

hachirolu BRZ 1 gen have broken normals rear badgine

Dodge Dominic Toretto only famaly Charger 1970 have broken normals in instde headlights and tailligts (daitona dno’t have problems on tail lights)

Dodge neon gane bad textures of radiator from for game 2023. This is from Xbox original?

Skyline V35 \ infinity G35 have strange grey plane and have bad lights effect on tail lights and bumper Graddy have in inside stock bumper

ferrari 488 groupe GT #25 have bad first person mode camera

game have more ugly 3D models, on Trueno AE86 ugly headlights, a about Focus 2003 i don;t would like to write


The cars just look off in this game and they need to work on them. Every single car in the game has that weird radiator/intercooler look, jagged chromey badges, blurry edges, flat paint and incorrect textures, dim and fully inaccurate exterior lighting, strange paint texture and terrible car models made even more obvious! Add to those the bad lighting of the cars in the car lounge, upgrade and paint sections.

Note: the 2017 Nissan GT- R also has incorrect tail lighting



Are you still seeing this issue after the most recent update?


Yes. Sadly, all the aforementioned issues I listed in my reply and in my post below are still very present in the game. These modelling, texture, lighting, reflection and visual & audio fidelity issues are the biggest and most visible problems in the new FM.

My linked post has been deleted! It really highlighted every single major visual issue with the game. Why was the post deleted without notifying?