Cars - Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec II 2002 (R34) - Inaccurate car model (1728223)

This issue has persisted since the first Forza Motorsport on the original Xbox. The Skyline R34 model is the same in both Horizon 5 and Motorsport, so a comparison made in Horizon 5 is not out of place. I will update this report with FM footage as soon as I can

r34 forza vs real difference front v2

The R34 Skyline as it is in Motorsport (2023), at least before Update 3.0. If you can fix the colour, you can fix the model and all body kits available.


Even though this car has an engine bay, I think it does need a proper overhaul.


A separate report of the same issue is made under Horizon troubleshooting. It explains the rest of the car’s inaccuracies.

Here is the same car as it appears in the first Forza Motorsport. The coloured front splitter was changed in Motorsport 2 for a painted one, however it was glitched, and only in Motorsport 5 at least this aspect of the model was fixed. Furthermore, all R34 Skylines for the model year 2000 and above had white indicators both in the front bumper and in the fenders. This was fixed in Motorsport 2 and remained correct until the last Xbox 360 Forza game. Motorsport 5 reverted this back to its inaccurate state.

Interestingly, the Skyline R34 V-Spec II Nur that was featured only in the first 2 Motorsport titles always had inaccurate side indicators, which should have been white, but it also had more accurately concave wheels, and an even black paint on the front splitter. The reason why the R34 V-Spec II wheels were never fixed remains a mystery.


If they’ll remodel the Skyline GT-R R34, I think it would be best to take the 2002 V-Spec II Nür, as it’s known to be its Final edition.

GT7 had its model as perfect in accuracy since GT Sport, despite it being detailed in their PS3 games as well, they decided to remodel it all over again because the polygons and textures in the PS3 model cannot hold up for the next-gen.


I forgot to mention:

Need For Speed also got a decent model of their Skyline GT-R R34 model.

It’s far from spot on the whole front is slightly misshaped in every way (lights, ducts, indicators, grille), and in fact the pre-ProStreet model was way more accurate. But at least it’s not Forza tier deformed.

Oh yeah, I see. And it’s crazy that nobody noticed/talked about that lol.

It couldn’t get more accurate enough to Gran Turismo’s model.

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The UG1-Carbon model was surprisingly close though, it just lacked the V-Spec front splitter. I’ve heard many people say it’s basically a low LOD GT7 model

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Aside from the lacking V-spec front splitter, the lower part of the front bumper is painted in body color instead of plastic black in NFS Carbon.

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