Cars - Nissan GT-R (R35) 2017 - sound is not right

The R35 Skyline sounds nice both stock and after full upgrades. However, T10 can you please give it a volume boost, especially in cockpit view, and make it sound somehow less hollow?

Right now it seems like the car volume is at 60% or 70%… Up to 90% would be nice!

Also, after applying the wide bodykit upgrade, those wonderful orange lights on the side of the front bumper no longer light up.

Finally I’ve noticed in the chase cam that the right brake light has a slightly brighter halo or illuminating effect when you apply the brakes. Or, maybe the left brake light is not lighting up properly when you brake. Please do some testing in external/chase cam to get an idea, thanks!

Seems to be some kind of placeholder or made up sound.

It needs the real GTR (R35) sounds please. It sounds fine in FH5, FM 7, 6, 5, etc. so not sure why we got this sample.

It is also generally weak and quiet, especially from cockpit cam, no sense of impactful bass, insulation or rumble.

Also noticed a visual bug where if you choose the stock rear wing, it disappears entirely and only a small trace of if the middle wing brake light is left. Happens both during car viewing/selection and racing.

I was about to post this! Definitely needs a volume and dynamic range boost to hear and feel all the nuances, especially from cockpit.

I’m really disappointed to not see the sound on this car improve with Update 9.

It’s quiet and muddy. It needs a loudness, volume, and most important of all DYNAMIC RANGE boost. It sound quiet and distant in cockpit view as if I’m not in the driver’s seat but hearing the car in a tunnel couple of miles away.

Please address this issue ASAP. It’s a legendary car but no fun to drive in the game because of the sound. Why does the sound feel as if it goes from surround to mono radio speakers when you go from the external views to cockpit view?

Disappointed and angry is putting it mildly. Just take the FM6 sample please and enhance that!

Needs a sound update both in stock and modified form.

@JetPartySalad Tagging you so that it doesn’t get missed. Sorry if this breaks your guidelines or whatever but this sound update is VERY important to us!!

Update long overdue on this Skyline and the 2020 variant. It is quiet sounding and sounds very weak and flat in cockpit.

When can we expect both the R35 GTRs to be updated?