Cars - Nissan Fairlady Z Version S Twin Turbo '94 - Inaccurate car model and wiper (1728175)

This issue has persisted since the first Forza Motorsport on the original Xbox. The body line and all dimensions of this car are incorrect. The front bumper trim is incorrect for the 1994 model year, as it should be unpainted, which was somehow done for Horizon 5, but not for Motorsport. On top of this, the Fairlady Z in Forza is a Japanese Domestic Market model, meaning it is right hand drive, however its windshield wipers are from a left hand drive model.

300ZX Z32 forza vs real

Z32 Fairlady Z as it appears in Motorsport 2023

Proof for it still having incorrect windshield wiper placement



Yet we all know that Gran Turismo had the perfect proportions of car models, even the 300ZX Z32 as well…

Their 300ZX is a 1989 model year.


Here is the same car as it appears in the first Forza Motorsport. It already had the inaccurate wiper placement in 2005, and this issue was carried over with the rest of the model for each next title the Z32 appeared in.

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