Cars - Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII MR 2004 - Inaccurate car model (1789568)

This issue has persisted since the first Forza Motorsport on the original XBox, despite an attempt at amending it in Motorsport 5. The Lancer Evo VIII in Forza Motorsport shares all of its inaccuracies with the Lancer Evo IX, really including the aspects that changed between the generations, such as bumpers, as those are still inaccurate on the Evo VIII. Just that there’s no ridiculous panel gap between headlights and the front bumper.

Since pretty much every single issue with the Evo IX model has already been listed in its according Bug Report, I will shorten this one.

The entire front is too small and drops too low, headlights are too small, the bumper is deformed. The side line is also wrong, where A and C pillars are slightly too thick. Wheels are incorrectly silver and have no BBS logo.

Rear end is also inaccurate, the boot is too wide which causes the tail lights to be too small. The rear bumper is also too small, mostly just placed too high. While the IRL car I used features an aftermarket exhaust, the exhaust on the Forza model is off centre. Side skirts aren’t profiled correctly.

As mentioned in the Evo IX Bug Report, the Evo VIII model uses Motorsport 3’s Evo IX shell and Motorsport 1’s Evo VIII body ends adjusted to fit the FM3 model. It is mostly recognizable because the Evo VIII and IX in FM share aftermarket body kits with the FM1 Evo VIII. (8) (10)

So I compared the models between the Evo VIII and the TA Evo. I confirmed the model is different.

  • The pillars are thin
  • Rear quarter panels are a bit differently shaped, came from a real Lancer Evo model
  • Side window panels are more flat, which is a real thing
  • Taillights look accurate, just like how it should be

Same thing when comparing with the Evo IX model. I’m glad they didn’t reuse the outdated Lancer Evo model when they added the Time Attack version.



So, the Evo VIII in FM4 looks close to accurate? concerning that I think in FM5 beyond, they changed its model to the disproportionate Evo IX bodyshape so they both look the same and share custom bodyparts together. That way, I think they “De-modeled” it. It’s a term where they downgraded a car model to make it accurate first minute, and then next minute, deform it.