Cars – Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX MR 2006 – Inaccurate car model (1784867)

This issue has persisted since Forza Motorsport 2, but was amplified in Motorsport 6 thanks to body deformations I’ve described in the original Evo IX Report, which got misunderstood. So I’ll just copy what I said there, and if that isn’t allowed then either delete this report or combine it with the other, moderators know better.

Overall, the Evo IX model in Forza has wrong dimensions, as do most inaccurate models in this game, wrong body part shapes, to put it simply: looks wrong in all areas. The whole front end is ruined, as mentioned above, but not just because of the too short front bumper. All elements of the front are too short and too small, basically scaled down, and also drop too low which causes the side line that starts on the front fenders to also droop lower than real life. Side windows are slightly too small, causing the A and C pillars to be a bit too thick and the C pillar in particular lacks roundness near the rear window. For some reason, the wheels that before Forza Motorsport have always been coloured a shade of anthracite and had a BBS logo on them are now silver and don’t have a logo.

Most issues with the front end have already been listed, so I’ll just repeat the points: it’s entirely too small, placed too low, front bumper is too short which creates an unrealistic panel gap, main air ducts in the bumper are too small, headlights are too dark.

The rear end isn’t accurate either, the tail lights are too small because the trunk is too wide, the rear bumper lacks shape, and once again there’s something wrong with that C pillar

Finally, the Lancer Evolution IX model in Forza Motorsport is based off of the Motorsport 3 model of this car, just with some aspects of the Motorsport 1 Evo VIII model, and because of that it shares its aftermarket body kits with it. (9)

The models are identical across all games that featured these two cars since Motorsport 5 up until the current Motorsport, so a Horizon 5 gif is not out of place. (10)

Some parts of the FM1 Evo VIII model were reused and adjusted to fit the FM3 Evo IX front and rear ends (8)

Just put my vote in again. When will Turn 10 ever grow up!?


@MNPurple_V & @SunnyScout95, I brought you a status update regarding the Evo IX model.

So I compared between the inaccurate Evo model and the TA Evo model, I can confirm the model is different. So, the TA Evo haad some noticeable differences such as:

  • The pillars are thin
  • Rear quarter panels are a bit differently shaped, came from a real Lancer Evo model
  • Side window panels are more flat, which is a real thing
  • Taillights look accurate, just like how it should be



So I think it’s clear to know Time Attack Evo is on its standalone model quality. It had the aspects of an accurate Evo CT9A model. I made a similar comparison to the VIII since both cars are in the same CT9A platform.


Evo X is wrong too, post it if you can, please