Cars - Mitsubishi FTO GP Version R 1998 - Inaccurate car model

This issue has persisted since the first Forza Motorsport on the original Xbox. Yes, a car that has not been featured in Forza for over a decade has inaccuracies carried over from 2005. The Mitsubishi FTO is deformed in a manner typical for Motorsport 1 models. About every single aspect of the body is wrong, and even details were poorly carried over. It looks more dated than it did in Motorsport 4.

The entire front end is squished, with the bottom part of the front bumper being too high and the bumper-bonnet line being too low. The roof line isn’t round enough, and so is the rest of the body. The wheels lack detail in all ways, and Normal Colours appear metallic on them. All decals the FTO has by default (Version R and MIVEC logos) appear chrome-esque for some reason

The rear end is disproportionate too, mainly the taillights that are too big. The only remaining aftermarket body kit that’s available on this car is carried over from Motorsport 1-4, and of course it is inaccurate as well. Typically for pre-Xbox One models, the panel gaps are too big and pre-shadowed.


The fact that after 11 years of not featuring the FTO as a playable car in any Forza game we get a model that’s more deformed than an actual PlayStation 2 game model is outrageous.

Oh no… Having to see this being inaccurate, even though we haven’t seen it since FM4 and that it now has an engine bay, is real upsetting! I thought they scanned it, to be honest, maybe that wasn’t the case.


Look at the final image in the report, it was not scanned.

Of course…

Pretty appalling how Forza’s Mitsubishi roster has still not received any new-to-game cars or remodels. The last new-to-Forza Mitsubishis we ever got were the Galant and the Starion in FM4, both of which are over a decade old car models. The rest of the lineup have been unchanged since FM1 and FM2.


Me too, I was thinking the same. Also, I did remember reading an article about FM saying: Every car has been remodelled to the new power of Xbox’s Series consoles OOOH what a fat lie!

I guess Mitsubishi was treated poorly in Forza games. But at the same time, Mitsubishi’s latest cars nowadays are just generic economy cars since they killed Evo X.


I see that Gran Turismo PS3 retextured the PS2 model as a “Semi-premium”, despite its accuracy. If it comes back to GT7, We know it’s gonna be 100% fully remodeled there.


I guess Mitsubishi was treated poorly in Forza games. But at the same time, Mitsubishi’s latest cars nowadays are just generic economy cars since they killed Evo X.

Personally I’m more interested in their classic models from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s along with the Evos. But I guess Mitsubishi isn’t as popular in racing game communities any more since as you put it, they axed the Evo and started selling SUVs and economy cars

Edit: Just for clarification basically what I’m trying to say is that Forza’s Mitsubishi roster a bit is lame because we’ve had the same inaccurate car models for years now. If hypothetically Turn 10 or PGG announced that they would be adding the Evo V in the next update, I’d expect it to be a fully scanned model and not of a copy-paste of the crusty Evo VI model but with different bumpers; that would be unacceptable. Also Forza introducing more Mitsubishis still doesn’t excuse the rest of the Mitsubishi lineup from having inaccurate car models

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None of that is any reason to recycle deformed models. I think we can all agree at that.


I don’t know why, but I’m gonna quote something here:

Also, someone who’s with us before, @B1G_A1EX, also witnessed about the inaccurate FTO model. He was left disappointed that he leaves the entire Forza franchise behind, saying that he will move to another racing game, like he said. And he hasn’t returned here in the forums lately because of that. So I guess, farewell, old pal.

It is strange what happened to this car. It has the autovista feature so you can open the bonnet and the trunk, which was not possible obviously in x360 games. So it got a refresh at some point, just not in the positive way.

Another bad problem of this car is that the speedometer does not match the in-game speed (the speed should be indicated in Km/h as per the units in the dash, but if playing with Km/h as game speed unit does not match the right numbers), this is wrong and kills the immersion, can be seen here:

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They just modeled the engine bay and trunk. Not the first time, and probably not the last time…

Poor Mitsubish FTO. How many of you Mitsies have been neglected?



Here is the same car as it appears in the first Forza Motorsport. It is already featured in the comparison image, however this may be a better look.

My friend has also sent me some different angles of the car being driven. The model is 100% carried over from FM1 to each consecutive title, recieving quality upgrade for each one up until its last appearance in Motorsport 4. No body shape changes were done at any point, including porting it over to FM.


Its model looks squished, is all.