Cars - Mercedes Benz AMG Hammer Wagon INACCURATE MODEL - Rear Bumper, Trim, Taillights & Hatch

Come on now FORZA, another paid DLC car with modeling errors? What is going on there?

The AMG Hammer Wagon has a glaring visual error when comparing to the IRL car. The rear side window trim pieces are chrome when they are supposed to be black. This car has no chrome anywhere near the windows.

Especially strange is the rear window sizing and alignment on the in-game model. The rear window is longer in height than the side windows and is slightly higher aligned with them. There is a lot of dead space around the back window on the in-game model. Truly strange mistake.

The tailgate hatch shut lines (panel gap line between the hatch and the rear fenders) are supposed to be converging like IRL - and are dead straight in game. ALSO, the taillights are fully blocky instead of matching the converging hatch door lines.

  1. Wrong Rear Window Trim Material (supposed to be black plastic instead of chrome)
  2. Incorrect Rear Window Sizing and Alignment.
  3. Hatch Shut lines are fully straight instead of converging.
  4. The taillights are incorrectly modeled to be blocky at 90 degrees instead of matching the converging shut lines.
  5. The license plate area is incorrect in size and shape.
  6. The lower bumper and its /diffuser is wrong in shape and angle.

The bumper is supposed to curve in along with the lip being angled high (from the wheel to the end of rear bumper)

This car really needs to be fully rescanned and remodeled IMO. Too many GRAVE errors!

The moment I saw the unusually blocky rear of this car I knew there were some serious proportional and modeling errors. It looked more Volvo than Mercedes. Such an embarrassment!

If anything, this car model should be a lot simpler to work than the complex surface models of newer modern cars. I do not understand your accuracy and quality control. How do you review your car models?

These are extremely SERIOUS flaws for a brand new modeled car in a PAID DLC car pack. Just like the Hammer Coupe, the sister wagon is poorly modeled!!

Please fix the model and its errors as soon as possible. Totally unacceptable especially when it is a PAID car pack. Too disproportionately ugly and noticeable to drive this car. The audacity to sell an inaccurate car model that could’ve just been added to the autoshow anlong with its disproportionate brother coupe.

The 190E Evolution, AMG Hammer Coupe, and now the Hammer Wagon plagued. Three great Benzes ruined for me personally in this game. I love this era of Mercedes Benz cars but man they all look terrible here!!

Moreover, there is also something bad with proportions at the back. The rear window is way to small, it was alligned to the line of side windows, but in real, it isnt aligned. Therefore it looks strange at the back.

Plus rear wiper changes color with the car…


I noticed that! Thank you for the reply! I’ll post a pic soon. There are also other major issues with the rear end of this car for that unusual wonky look!


I presume this car was crudely scanned for older titles, didn’t make it into those titles I guess due to the sedan Hammer being there and they’ve put it in now without refurbishing it. Disappointing.


Unbelievable - but (sadly enough) true.

Maybe somebody should make a list of what is correct with this car model.

That would be a short list.

This dumbster fire of a car model was presumably sitting on their hard drives - for very good reason indeed - since around November 2020 when the first Hammer fell.

Regardless if it costs extra money or not - such stunts just do not make any sense in an AAA-title.

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Yep, here is a closer comparison at how bad it is


1 - Wrong colour and material (it’s actually matt/satin black)
2 - Wrong colour and shape (the arm is black and the wiper is much longer)
3 - Wrong angle and shape (falls of way more and isn’t that wide)
4 - Completely wrong shape (the notches in the “glass” are actually way more prominent and the angle is wrong)
5 - Wrong shape (size and angle)
6 - Wrong shape (roundness and angle)
7 - Completely wrong shape (size and angle)
8 - Wrong shape and position (size and height)

The red marks show some of the parts where the scaling is completely off.

Here’s a photo of how the original looks.

Also, what is this?



The inside of the door of the real car looks more like the one of the Coupe we’ve ingame.


They seem to have wrongly used the style from a later version of the car that wasn’t existent at the time the Hammer was built.

Besides that the wheels are much to deep (dished) compared to the original.


The more I look at the Hammer Wagon the more I doubt that they actually ever scanned a real life Hammer Wagon.

My working theory is that this Frankenstein Hammer is based on the scan of a real life Hammer Coupe.

Then the designers tried to mesh this up with the different ending and interiour.


Noticed something else.

Strange “fragments” on the wheels which presumably are related to the model (flipped vertices?) and not the texture.


Are you serious right now? Its 2024 and this is what we get? Indie companies have better car models with a lot more details, this is AAA company…


For this work someone is going to be very scolded if his or her boss sees this. I haven’t even found this thread yet, but I’ve seen pictures from other players and I noticed that the car is short and wide. Then I took a look at the IRL car and the in-game car and the differences are screaming loud. And I’m not a skilled 3D artist.

The employee, publisher and developer studio are ranked by the product. Not a very good portfolio or reference. I’d fix it very quickly, or put it deep in the drawer if they’re not into that and forget about it. Forever. And then it happens to such a rare and special car. Unbelievable. Didn’t they get a blueprint from Mercedes? Or what happened?

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Car modelling is outsourced to 2 companies. More developers do this, which is fine btw. But those companies should deliver an accurate model, especially in 2020+.


I’m just leave it here. W124 vs S124


Yeah it could have looked amazing, but it don’t…

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The whole car model is atrocious for a supposedly newly laser-scanned 3D model. The side proportions, body line, rear windows, taillights and hatch.

Extremely disappointed in this. A new to FORZA car. A PAID DLC car pack. Shame on you T10 for ripping us off! Might as well remove the car and refund the difference.