Cars - Mercedes-Benz 190E Evo II- Inaccurate and Outdated Model + Window Trim Texture issue

The Mercedes Benz 190 E is one of the most famous and perhaps the best looking German performance saloons ever made in my opinion. But the car model in FH5 makes me not want to drive it anymore.

What are those horrendous silver/white lines (supposed to be fully black rubber/plastic bits) on the front and rear windshields, rear door window sill line, and the roof rails of the car !!

That is NOT how that car looks in real life and it’s is absolutely baffling how this has not been fixed yet. Developers who are responsible for the car modeling and texture, please just take a clear look at the 190 E sedan in real life and see how it is supposed to be.

This is one of my favorite cars ever but I cannot drive because of how bad it looks.


That the plastic trimlines have the wrong material and therefore don’t get rendered correctly is the last problem this car has.

Besides that the car on the second photo is an Evo 1.