Cars - McLaren Sabre - Extremely Dim Tail Lights

The McLaren Sabre, a striking shoe exclusive hypercar that has rear wings and taillights similar to those in an LMP1 endurance race car.

It is disappointing to say that the car’s rear taillights suffer from that same issue seen in FORZA Motorsport 2023. The taillights are unbelievably dim even under braking.

For comparison, the 2019 Porsche #17 935 has a very Sumatra vertical taillights mounted on the sides of its rear wing and has significantly brighter taillights - both when lit and under braking - like ANY car should.

It is hard to tell whether the lights are on, off or being used for braking on the Sabre. There is no brightness and glow from the taillights.

Please fix this issue as soon as possible - and do not let the FORZA Motorsport exterior lighting problem carry over to Horizon. Thank you

Taillights when lit are super dim

The taillights under Braking


2019 Porsche #17 935 taillights when lit and in use

The actual tail lighting on the Sabre