Cars - Mclaren Artura - Low poly engine bay

Hello PG ,the new mclaren artura has png engine bay and it looks awful ,please fix it .It is unacceptable for a car that is laser scanned!

Is that in freeroam or Forzavista?


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I didn’t notice but i saw some similar texture related problems in valkyrie amr pro…the cockpit dash board could have been smoother specially with round objects…i think they recently have become busy with new horizon…

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AI car or your own car? Because Al/other players cars have low LOD.

I own the car

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What platform are you playing on?

Series X

That’s insane. New cars keep getting added with quality control and modeling issues. Where’s the review & testing team?


There is and never was one at PG/T10.

We all here are the testing team.

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Unacceptable quality of engine/material rendering on the Artura! This is a brand new, supposedly fully laser scanned and modeled vehicle. Please fix the engine bay, remove the 2D engine PNG and add back the actual 3D engine model ASAP!


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Perfectly said. we find more bugs than them.

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I can confirm that these visual error exists when driving and in photo mode. This is truly embarrassing for a very new car added to FORZA! The PNG is simply atrocious at this point.

Please fix this issue as soon as possible within the next update.

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