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Nearly every multiplayer race from E through C is dominated by the 1990 Mazda MX-5 Miata. It’s taking “Always The Answer” too far. The only exceptions are certain tracks like Brickyard (550 S), and very tight circuits ('65 Mini).

What should be some of the most varied slow-car-fast racing turns into a choice between overbearing meta or being uncompetitive. The PI needs to be adjusted.

That car dominates E, D, C…classes as its base LI is by far too low. Rise it at least by 20 points. It’s boring to always see those cars with the best handling and acceleration in all those mentioned classes.

When are the going to fix the Miata performance index points??

The '90 MX5 has dominated those 3 classes since I started playing this game with Motorsport 7. It’s the car I’ve spent the most time driving by at least 1 order of magnitude because I’ve always been hooked on Rivals for D and C classes.

I used the Mazda to learn to drive properly before I attempted to drive anything fast. It’s on rails for E and D class which was helpful to learn from. From there it was utterly addictive to climb the leaderboards on Rivals. This car more than any other has made me a better driver by teaching me the fundamentals with every tenth of a second saved.

In Forza 7, some cars could outpace the Miata even on the tracks it dominated, but those cars were very hard to drive. I think that’s a good path forward for this game as well. Keep the 90’ MX5 as the easiest car to put up good lap times on tracks without high-speed sections and/or long straights like Silverstone International, Laguna Seca Short, Lime Rock and etc; however, offer other options with cars that have the potential to put up faster times, but are more difficult to control.

I don’t think it’s really possible to ‘re-balance’ a car if the majority of the specs are based on real world specs, ie. Suspension, power, gear ratio. If I’m not mistaken pi takes all of this into account.

The PI system is clearly flawed, they have a lot to fix. cough & cough


just remove miata’s and might as well the mazda cosmo’s oh heck just get rid of all the mazda’s :}

I guess I’ll just have to track my Miata then. :rofl: