Cars - Lotus Esprit - Bugged livery?

Is the Esprit Turbo S2 livery bugged?

car should be a solid color. without the solid chrome essex decal. if its part of the default livery it should be removed like with other cars with a factory decal for example: adding a livery to chevelle will remove the stripes.


Definitely not, that livery was for models that were released far later down the line

Wouldn’t that still be incorrect (since Essex Turbos were only painted blue with red/chrome livery and red interior)?

At the time of the original announcement in February 1980, only the Essex corporate colour scheme was available: Monaco blue with a chrome and red stripe kit and scarlet interior.

Extremely expensive, only 45 Essex Turbo Esprits were built, a figure that included several pre-production units. Customer cars totalled around 35 examples while a similar number of additional Turbo Esprits were built to full Essex specification but with a conventional paint finish.


Found this regarding the Essex turbos.

Guide: Lotus Esprit Turbo Essex Commemorative — Supercar Nostalgia same site different post.

"…The flamboyant Essex colour scheme did not appeal to everyone and only 45 were built (including prototypes).

Around the same number were built to ‘Essex-specification’ (with full leather, air-conditioning, Sundym glass and the roof-mounted Panasonic stereo) but in different colours (mostly white, red and fire bronze).


I think I’ve figured out what the problem with the car’s livery is. The car is using the same model from fm4 so it has the same issue with the factory decals.

The factory decals on the Esprit S2 Turbo in FM4 is part of the model itself. When you add custom decals to the car, the default stripes and esprit turbo decal remains but can be painted over.

I’m hoping that’s the case with the Essex stripe.

Want to recreate the fm4 livery. I prefer it over the Essex colour scheme myself.


That’s a weird way for PG to make a livery on a model, if that’s the case.
I personally don’t even mind the essex look.
I just wish PG made up their minds. Is this a proper essex (which should be blue with red interior) or essex spec (which shouldn’t have essex stripe and should instead have classic “turbo esprit” decals)? Currently it is weirdly neither.


Didn’t realize that when painting cars in the 360 era Forza Motorsport games the stock decals will not disappear. Guess they may have forgot to update the Esprit Turbo S2 to the current gen spec models.

That’s prob why the stock essex decal itself wont disappear completely when it comes to doing a custom paint job


Ok really not happy with the esprit. Practically unpaintable with that permanent essex stripe and lotus logo.

Definitely a bit of a letdown. The essex stripe isn’t bad, but I do prefer the simple paintjobs of other Esprit Turbos, so this design choice throws that option out the window. Why couldn’t it have been an additional paint group? Not to mention it makes it impossible to recreate the actual essex paintjob, so it effectively kills two birds with one stone.


yeah love it with the dual stripes.

the turbo and essex decal above the bumper should be removeable too since they are decals just like on the side.

and on side note: they should have made the essex and turbo decals by the badge red for the default white color to match the stripes. just doesn’t look good for it to be white on white.

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This is “somewhat” annoying.

Chrome stripe doesn’t just stay on when painting the body, it can’t even be covered with decals.
I find it kinda hard to understand what was so complicated about making this work normally. Make a proper blue default essex look and make all of those decals disappear when changing color. Genuinely bummed out. It will probably be the case of another one of those “risky fix” issues.

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Apply custom paint to some cars and we lose the decals (eg, SVJ) and some like this Esprit, we don’t.

Come on Forza, some consistency please.

Make it an option to keep the standard car decals or not.