Cars - Hood reflections

On the hood cam (with the FOV zoomed out towards the rear of the hood) the reflections on the sides of the hood are only visible towards the front and gets cut off half way towards the back. The reflections running down the center of the hood are shown front to back. I see this in replay mode with the view switched to hood cam.

Just making a correction- I originally noticed this on the M3 GTS hood, but it is with every car in “hood view” with FOV zoomed out. While I am at it, matte black hoods are presented as glossy finished while using the same view.

Ok, just want to clarify that the FOV setting that I mentioned is set to 65. Its been a while since I went into the menus. With the “hood FOV” set to 65, you can see on the sides of the hood the cutoff of the RT reflections that are being reflected onto it.

Does this issue still persist after recent updates? Would it be possible to provide a video of this in action?

I don’t have anyway to share a video. Set the Hood FoV to 65 and you’ll see the reflections get cut off. Its most noticeable on an E36 M3 hood, but it is the same way with other cars as well. I’ll add that the reflection cut-off moves with the camera. The easiest way to see it is to look at the map and speedo. You’ll see the reflections being cut off as the car moves. So its not the car hood not reflecting the environment, its hood view.