Cars - Honda Prelude Type SH (BB6) 1998 - Inaccurate car model

This issue has persisted since the first Forza Motorsport on the original Xbox. The BB6 Prelude in FM has a deformed car model. In a typical FM1 model fashion, all dimensions and shapes are incorrect.

Thanks to significantly too big wheels, the whole car looks like it’s on stilts. The entire front end is disproportionate. The front bumper is too small, while the headlights are too big. Body line is not rounded enough, almost shapeless, and the roof is too tall. The side windows are too small and don’t follow the correct line.

The entire rear end is not rounded enough, everything seems to have sharp edges that don’t exist on the real car. The rear bumper is egregiously wrong here, and so are the taillight insides. Once again, since the diameter of any Stock Wheels cannot be changed, this is how they look by default in the game, they are way too big.

From smaller details, all panel gaps are bigger than they should be, the exhaust is incorrectly shaped, and the side indicators should not be together with front side markers, the ones that are white but should be amber.

Finally, the Factory Colours and the two Aftermarket Body Kits available for this Prelude are all inaccurate, but I need better footage of that.
The BB6 Prelude Type SH is in a dire need of a remodel, but it ought to be replaced with a better trim of the 5th generation Prelude, like the JDM SiR which used the same model in Forza Motorsport 2-4.

Honestly, when I saw that USDM Prelude from FM1 return to FM7 & 8, I thought they remodeled it. But no, that’s not the case. T10 ripped me off on this one. Upscaling a deformed model and call it a “major remodel?” What a lie. Same case goes to the Mitsubishi FTO and dozens of other cars from FM4 returning to FM8.

A Forum user also confirmed that the deformed Prelude model is a mirrored-to-LHD SiR model, as it’s likely a modified deformed model. But that user left & disappeared from the Forums right away after confirming it. This felt like I was called a stupid idiot.


Either they mirrored it as you mentioned, or they went back to FM1, imported that model, refreshed it as they would with all other models and put it in FM7, and later FM.

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Wow. Just them and their corner-cutting techniques. Clearly any of these never fixed any of its inaccuracies! :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

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I actually think it would be more difficult to work on the FM1 model than the FM2-4 one because of its low quality. But then why did they even change the Prelude trim for FM7? Isn’t the JDM SiR more desirable than the Type SH? Why is it the only pre-2003 USDM Honda when all others are supposed to be JDM? None of this makes sense

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