Cars - Honda Civic Type R '97 - Inaccurate and Outdated Car Model (1796308)

Just like the Acuras and Skylines - you just know the car is off in proportions.

The 1997 Civic Type R has to be one of the cleanest, most simplistic and fun car of all times. The rear end is a dead giveaway of everything wrong with this model that is shared between FH5 and FM 2023.

Requesting to just discard this model already and fully rescan and remodel this wonderful driving machine. You can find the linked post explaining the inaccuracies here.

Despite being a lot better than the FM1 EM1 Civic Si, the EK9 still deserves a remodel to finally not look very much subpar compared to the newest of models.

As the owner of a '00 EK9 Type R, I’d prefer them to add the facelift 98-00 variant and nail the interior of the car in the process. The current model of the car isn’t that bad in my opinion.

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You should have posted in-game comparisons to the real life car. I mean, I know the inaccuracies it has, being that I’m a Honda enthusiast of 24 years. I just think they’d get those extra little details they could possibly miss.

I hate when im in cockpit in the FM EK9, and I’m looking around and see the top of the door panels where the window goes up and down in, is super thin. It’s like cardboard thin from the inside door panel, the window in the center, to the outside edge. It’s definitely thicker in real life.

Then the black in the center of the seats, from the butt part to the back. In real life, they’re all red Recaros.

Headlight housing should be like a gunmetal chrome, but in-game, they’re just chrome.


Even the DC2 has the same cardboard thin door panels