Cars - Honda Civic Type R 2018 - inaccurate car model (1802974)

I own one of these, so this is something that bothers me. Taking photos look bad because of these issues. This is on Xbox Series X.

Inside the front wheel wells for some reason have white in there. It should all be black

Side skirt pin stripe should be red just like the front and rear lip. Instead, it is white in the game

Front and rear lip and side skirt is also not real carbon fiber, and it is also not clear coated in real life. It should just be pitch black plastic that has a rough to the touch weave texture on it.

All the black plastics on the exterior like the front grille, eye lids over the headlights, fake vents on the left and right side of the bumper, side pillars by the windows, fake vents on the left and right side of the rear bumper, part of the rear bumper in the center, and the top part od the spoiler, as well as the lower deck of the spoiler, should ALL be pitch black and glossy. Instead, it is grayish brown in the game. When zoomed in, it looks like a cement texture.

Even the back of the front seats aren’t real carbon fiber. Neither is the part on the engine cover.

I mentioned this on here like a few months ago and I got a message saying it will be investigated. So now I am posting it here too. It’s been this way since early access.
I included a picture from GT7 (got removed)showing one last detail missed. I may be nitpicking here, but you can notice all that rubber weather stripping on the front hood over the headlights all the way across. Forza doesn’t have that little extra detail. Also what is noticeable, is the parts that are supposed to be black. I can use my own car for example tomorrow if I need to.

It also has the wrong shift knob. 2017-2019 has the ball shaped shift knob. Some reason it has the 2020-2021 shaped knob.

The rear bumper “vents” that red reflector is harldy even red. Hardly noticeable at all actually.

Not aure if this would count as being part of the model of the car and its inaccuracies, but the Aegean Blue Metallic looks nothing like it either in the game. The Championship White thats another selection looks like plain white. Championship White is like a creamy white. The 97 Civic Type R’s Championship White has that correct for some reason.

I’m confused here. This car was scanned, wasn’t it?

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Maybe it was scanned, but they got the colors and materials wrong for what I listed. Tomorrow, or later today when I wake-up, I’ll try and get inages of my real Type R


So were the AMG Hammer Wagon and Coupé…


The dimensions of the FK8 Civic seem off to me, can you as an owner confirm my suspicions?

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I think you combined the issue in one topic. You can create a separate topic, one for inaccurate car sound and one for inaccurate car model.

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I feel like it’s a little off at times. I could never figure it out to be 100% fact though. Sometimes I think it may be because my FK8, I reduced the wheels to 18’s with 265 wide tires thowing off how im used to the car looking. Cant reduce wheel size for this car in the game, so I can’t tell if that theory is correct. Even in the cockpit, dimensions feel wierd. I play on wheel, so sometimes I switch to the closer view towards the cluster…or hood view when im not happy with interior views :joy:


Hmmm. Thanks. I decided to delete the sound parts of the post.


Lining up a Forza photo with a real photo would be the best solution here.


I even tried to edit the Forza photos a bit to get some color since the screenshots came out washed out. It’s always dark on the side the sun isn’t shining on in this game, so the angled comparison might be hard to see in Forza. My car vs the games car won’t be a 1:1 comparison exactly, since mine is full bolt ons, lowered on different wheels, that are also 2 inches smaller than the factory wheels, and on 265 wide tires with a +40 offset. Also, the Mugen window visors add a bit to the look too.

But the rest of the shots just show that the black plastics are actually black and glossy. Not grayish brown and cement textured as Forza has them.

You can also see the side skirt pin stripe is red like the rest around the car. And those side skirts, front lip, and rear lip are not clear coated, nor are they actual carbon fiber. There is a texture to it that you can feel.

The front fender amber reflectors are TOO dark in FM. So are the rear reflectors on the bumper which should be red.

Then the front wheel wells are obviously not white like they are in Forza

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Amazing car. Sadly the sound needs a lot of improvement in this game as it doesn’t match with real life counterpart

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True. I actually mentioned that in my post, but since this post is about the car model, i deleted the part about the sound where I posted clips of a stock Type R.

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You must create a separate post for inaccurate car sound. It needs justice


Maybe I’ll do that later.

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Maybe I’ll have to wait a year to enjoy driving my real life car in FM…or at least enjoy to use photo mode on it. Weird that it looks better in FH5 though.