Cars - Honda Civic Type R ‘04 - Inaccurate and Outdated Car Model

Another Honda, another Civic Type R that has majorly inaccurate, disproportionate and outdated car model.

Everything from the general size and wheel base to the front and rear end proportions - this Type R has been insufficient like the infamous car models.

Requesting to discard, fully rescan and remodel the 2004 Honda Civic Type R.

Linked post to FH5 Car Issues here


Ericship 111 pointed out that the model we have for this car is clearly the pre-facelift version with the wrong taillights.


Oh, look, another Motorsport 1 model. Funnily enough, it was less inaccurate in its first appearance because it featured the correct headlights! No idea why this was changed for Motorsport 2 and beyond.

And the pre-tuned Mugen variant of the EP3 retained the correct headlights in every next title it appeared in, so up to Motorsport 4.

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