Cars - Honda Civic Type R '04 - Inaccurate and Outdated Car Model

Here’s a car that’s hard to improve or customize in FORZA due to its extremely inaccurate car model. It is so disproportionate that the wheels are not even aligned with the car’s wheel arches, let alone the inaccurate general proportions from the front end, side profile and rear view. The wheelbase length and width alone are inaccurate.

Like many Type R Hondas, this one is urgently in need of a proper rescanning and remodeling. Thank you for listening to the feedback.


Maybe we (or should say I) find some time to try and match the cars we have in FH5 to the photos…

Not disputing the issue, but I think it would help to see just how far out of proportion they are.


It’s next to impossible on console, and the only person I knew who had the patience had uninstalled the game months ago. I used to have it on PC too, but since I got a Series X which was more powerful, I switched to console.