Cars - Ferrari FXX-K Evo 2018 - car sounds inaccurate and generic (1750261)

The FXX-K and FXX-K Evo sound too generic. It seems that the V12 notes for Ferraris got mixed up in one of the updates and now they all sound alike: 812, LaF, FXX-K, FXX-K Evo, F12tdf, etc

Please give this car the correct, real-world sound.

Also, this car should not have judders or hiccups during shifts, it has a dual-clutch flappy paddle gearbox.

(Cockpit sound)

(Flyby sounds)

Real sounds for reference.

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The FXX-K Evo appears to be sharing the exact same sound sample as the other modern V12 Ferraris: 812, LaFerrari, both 599xx variants, F12 tdf etc

Please give it the unique sound it has IRL. Thanks.

That’s almost exactly what it sounds like IRL. I’ve seen and heard it a number of times at track days. Maybe the team will update it as it sorely needs sound rework or the original sound maybe. I tried Forza on the Gamepass 6 months ago and immediately related to the FXX-K sound being nicely loud, shrill and meaty. That’s no longer the case for some reason. It got updated I guess with the wrong sample or dynamic range, tone, pitch, etc.


I’m thinking the same, yes. The wrong pitch, tone, dynamic range, etc. It’s lost the loudness and vibration as well as the signature “FXX-K” scream from all perspectives. Doesn’t sound quite as impressive in replays either as it did on day one.

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Don’t know why they had to change this breathtaking sound the game launched with originally.

Hope the developers will take a listen, it’s from October '23. Listen to how loud and meaty it sounds. It was definitely louder and screamier then. Don’t know why the sound changed. Absolutely clueless!


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The original sound the game launched with is the correct one. It’s a dramatic improvement over the FM7 sample (FXX-K), or was I suppose.

This should be reverted back to the original sound pack/sample or whatever, and it will sound perfectly fine.

If at some point, you guys are planning to improve the sound further, then this clip has everything you need to understand the various sounds and changes in pitch, tone, exhaust character, etc., especially during upshifts and downshifts, acceleration, deceleration, coasting, etc. Watch the entire clip, it will provide a lot of insight into the variations in exhaust/engine note.

Again, I want to point out that the original/day one sound sample for this car has a much better pitch, wail, and scream, along with correct LFE throughout the RPM range, so reverting to that would be a brilliant start. :smiley:


Hi Jet Party, sorry to tag you unnecessarily - just bumping this up and hope to see audio improvements in the next update. As mentioned earlier the sound on this car has become tiny, squashed, and faraway - it was great on launch but that got changed for some reason, I do not understand why.

Hoping to see the original sound restored or an improved sound perhaps where the car has proper loudness, impact, reverb, bass, etc. aka. dynamic range, especially in cockpit. Thanks

When are we getting the true loud, ferocious and visceral sound of the real FXX-K Evo in this game?

Sick of hearing the generic “wrong” sound of the 812 on this car.