Cars - Ferrari F50 1995 - headlights appear off at Night (1640561)

Could please fix with the Ferrari f50

This issue is currently present with many cars where the tail lights would be on and even bumper/parking lights but no headlights.

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We are closing out this issue. The developers have noted this issue as Fixed as of Update 4.0 on 01.16.24

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Forza Motorsport Update 4.0 Release Notes – January 16, 2023

We’re working to improve your Forza Motorsport experience. Below is a summary of new content and features, and items fixed or improved in Update 4. Version Number: Xbox Series X|S: 1.526.54…

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The Ferrari F50’s headlights are not visible from external views. Only when you pull the camera away in photo mode, do the headlights become visible and even then only the small ones on the outside.

The beams are also quite faint on the road.

Bugs are really starting to get annoying in the game.

Also, why are interior parts around the dash glowing and shifting shape as if I’m at SeaWorld admiring the dolphins?? This happens with every car in nearly all conditions

To answer the last question:
Because they applied RT reflections on all glossy/shiny part for no apparent reason as SSR or cubemap would have done a better job. And RTAO instead of SSAO/HBAO/GTAO. The RT resolution & sample count is so low it makes the whole thing look as ridiculous as you’ve described.

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Headlights don’t illuminate, they do have light sources from a distance. You can see they become visible about 30 feet in front of the car.

Close the car…

Roughly 30 feet away…


Already posted this months back. No fix was rolled out. :neutral_face:

This has been fixed in the latest update!

We’re re-opening this thread as there are new reports indicating that this is still happening.