Cars - Ferrari F355 Berlinetta 1994 - Inaccurate car model (1740513)

This issue has persisted since Forza Motorsport 1 on the original Xbox. Despite featuring a different version of the car in that game, the model has not been improved in any way to this day. I understand that this comparison GIF isn’t perfectly alligned, however anyone who has seen both the in-game model and the real life car can attest for the listed inaccuracies. The dimensions are incorrect, the roofline is outrageously wrong, the rear end is completely misshaped, I suppose the roof itself was made for the targa version of this car, but even that one has a different side window line.

ferrari f355 comparison
While this comparison uses Horizon 5 footage, the model remains unchanged in the new Motorsport, apart from the lights in the front bumper for some reason.

Yeah, I see some inaccuracies on this model. Voted.


Well this one makes sense, I want to say that I’m surprised. Because I even have a toy car of that Ferrari since I was a kid. :joy:

Another deformed model EXPOSED!


This model had already aged poorly with the new car models in FH5. It is more than outdated at this point. Such a shame TURN10 Studios really.


Here it is, even the toy car has an accurate model :joy:

And speaking of the Targa, that’s the F355 GTS.


So in FM1 at least the naming was correct.


Here is the F355 as it appears in the first Forza Motorsport.

Its distinguishable features, the flat rooftop and weirdly squared front, remain unchanged in FM.

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