Cars - Ferrari Enzo Ferrari 2002- Inaccurate car sound...812/LaFerrari soundfile (Update 8)

So…I’ve been wondering what in the world just happened to the 2002 Ferrari Enzo’s sound? Prior to Update 8 it sounded just fine, now it sounds like that annoying copy-paste generic modern V12 Ferrari soundfile which exists in the LaFerrari, 812 Superfast, F12 TDF, FXXK Evo, FXXK…and so on. The 2002 Ferrari Enzo is notorious for its 6.0L Naturally-Aspirated V12 which sounds like an angry horse…way distinguished, way different compared to the modern 6.3L F140 V12…
let me demonstrate how it currently sounds, how it sounded back in Forza Motorsport 5 (10 years ago), and how it sounded before the recent update for reference.

Watch these two links to see how it currently sounds in FM’23, and how good it sounded back in Forza Motorsport 5 (2013) for reference.

Forza Motorsport (2023) - Current inaccurate sound (Update 8):

Forza Motorsport 5 (2013) - Accurate and how it should sound like:

How it sounded before Update 8 on Forza Motorsport 2023

I hope you update this mistake or at least make it sound as good as it did on Forza Motorsport 5…where it had more depth and accuracy to the sound.

The previous update really, really messed up the V12 Ferrari sounds. On launch, I remember admiring and praising the V12 sounds on the Ferraris, both modern and old school.

But they ruined it. It’s a copy/paste job and now they all sound generic. Did they do this to save space? Dreadful idea. Each day, my interest in the game diminishes. Barely play it now

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Its mind boggling to me that they even thought of changing the Enzo’s sound, already sounded decent like an Enzo Ferrari, it only needed slight improvements, why get rid of the decent sound and replace it with this garbage copy-paste modern V12 Ferrari sound?! That’s not even how an Enzo Ferrari sounds like

I hope they will restore all V12 Ferrari sounds to Day One. Those were vastly better and each car had a unique trait to it’s sound.

Please make it happen already @JetPartySalad