Cars - Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale 2003 - Inaccurate car model

This issue has persisted since the first Forza Motorsport on the original Xbox. The 360 CS model is overall deformed and low quality, to a point where it’s difficult to point out very specific errors, but the entire shape of the car is wrong in every way.

Something about the headlights and front bumper shape (other than the side markers) feels wrong. The wheels definitely have the wrong shape and track width. I’m sure there is a better term than I don’t know of to describe this model, but it’s very “low resolution”. As is every single other Motorsport 1 model.

Wheels are not centered in the wheelarches and are definitely too big as well

Same issues as the front, overall off shape and very low quality of all elements of the rear end.

Ferrari forced you to get rid of the Liberty Walk Widebody from the 458 Italia, yet didn’t ask you to remodel your deformed cars. You can do it on your own though.

Such a shame to see this without any actual proportions. Would also like to see the 360 Modena Spider from 1999.


Another giveaway with these old car models is some areas of the car’s model have strange creases and imperfections due to goofy normals and topology. Metallic and semigloss finishes really bring them out.



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Here is the same car as it appears in Forza Motorsport 1. After this game the only visual change made was turning it into a European market model. And the various retextures that didn’t actually make it look more accurate.


It would be nice to drive this car again in game but the “current” model is simply too deformed, poor and inaccurate. Linked to FH5 Car Issues here.