Cars - Cadillac CTS-V - Front Grill Modelling Issue

There is strange visual issue on the 2016 Cadillac CTS-V where the front girl silver mesh almost disappears, especially noticeable during daytime. It is very thin and 2D-like

However, the car’s front grille mesh appears to be completely missing in photo mode.

The silver mesh is supposed to attract the lighting and reflect like any proper metal surface would. The IRL car dies this beautifully since the 2016 CTS-V was known to have a silver front grill and radiator mesh.

It really takes out the fun and immersion from driving this car. Please fix this visual issue as soon possible.

Faint visibility of silver mesh during and strange glowing artifacts behind the grille during gameplay.

The silver meshing completely disappears during nighttime and photo mode.

The silver meshed grilles on the IRL car.