Cars bug!

It is very angry that I write about this game! I, for lack of time (occupied 6 days out of 7), got into the habit of buying the challenge cars once it was available in the auction house. And I have the terrible experience of seeing that their statistics are bugged! After purging the garage of his cars my backup deleted all my cars leaving only one Acura ! Do you intend to prohibit the sale of these cars so as not to get sucked back, to correct this bug, in short to do a few things to stop this masquerade !

At the moment I have uninstalled this game, and my intentions to turn to a series x in view of the next motorsport are meagre in view of the mediocre experience made on this game, because I deliberately omit the recurring graphical bug of this game. As it stands, my next console will be Sony, unless you fix these flaws but I don’t believe it!

Game works fine for me. If you play the game regularly there’s no need to go anywhere near the auction house except to get the couple of accolades for buying and selling using it. You get all of the cars just by playing the game and completing the weekly playlist.

If I buy the cars in the auction house, it is precisely because I do not have time to do the challenges. Now if we can’t buy cars at auction, what’s the point of the auction house?