Cars - brake lights and interior lights will remain lit and the headlights will be off

Dear Turn10 and Playground Team,
There is a fail with the interior/tacho lights in your games which made the lights of the interior light up always even when the car lights turned off, new in this FM they dont even turn off when you choose lights off in photo mode!

Here FM5 the last one with turned off lights and best example how it look with turned off interiorlight. Pics from Ford and Ferrari best examples because the biggest difference between on and off light, note this happen to all cars ho have lights in and out of the Car.

First this was seen in FM6 2015 where all lights front, back and interior are turned on always, I reported this. Till now nothing…

Than FM7
Duing day: Lights off, interior on wrong
Rain: All on is right, but when the rain stopped it was weird headlights turned off, tail lights not and the interior stays on like always…
Night: All on fine
Reported but nothing was done by the Devs till now…

Than for my regret the first time in a title from Playground Games FH5 the same mistake was brought over. The head and tail lights turn on and off how they should, but the interior stay on always. Reported this since release, more than once even with compared photos between FH4 without this mistake and FH5 where that happend. Nothing changed till now…

After 8 months and several proof photos only got an “will not fix” nice.


Now there is FM2023 with 6 years in development and the same mistake from 2015 is still here, is it so hard to find this little code phrase or line which sais when the lights turn off that the interior lights should do the same? Look at FH4 there it worked all fine.

Miata FM5 vs FM2023

as example Forza Horizon 4 and how the lights worked correctly, even when entering and exiting tunnels where FM has always failed

in ForzaVista we see that it is possible that the light is turned off (cause the car is off)

So dear developers, would you be kind enough to finally fix this after 8 years and 4 games with this mistake in it

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Same issues from FM7 - we’re back full circle.

Just play the Legacy tour with the Shelby intercooled hatchback. Through every race and practice session, the brake lights and interior lights will remain lit and the headlights will be off.

Re-used assets. Built from the ground up was a lie, plain and simple.


Got this sobering answer yesterday. The devs are not willing or able to fix this bug, which was triggered by an employee in FM6 and has been simply transferred ever since.
A big thank you for nothing

As a car game developer that involves cars, you would think that attention should be paid to the details of cars

In certain scenarios, the car’s dash lights and brake lights will be on but headlights will be completely off including front bumper/fog lights.

Can we finally fix this please? Has been an issue since FM7. Either give us the option to toggle headlights/brakes on or off, or correct this behavious where dash lights ALSO turn on both the headlights and brake lights - at least the front parking or bumper lights if not the headlights.

We’re closing this thread due to low reports / reproductions. If you are still experiencing this issue you can create a new topic. At the time of the closing this topic had 8 votes.

Hi @JetPartySalad

You recently closed this gentleman’s post about interior lights and brake lights staying on but headlights being off with time if day or weather shifts.


I’ve been reporting the same issues since FM 7 and it appears they have carried over onto FM 23 as-is.

This is not car specific. The issue is when dash lights and tail lights are on, why are headlights and/or bumper lights off?

Also, many cars have extra headlights, fog lights, bumper lights, rally car lights, etc. Those are always off, are they just for show?

So many issues can be resolved by simply giving the player manual toggle for headlights on/off which would automatically turn the dash and tail lights on/off with it.

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No point in adding pictures. It happens on every car. I’ve referenced the gentleman who created a similar post, all the photos are there in this closed threadbecause it didn’t get enough votes apparently


Yea, the whole ‘post photos for us’ thing on every bug report agitates me. Like we are already reporting all the problems in the game for them since there was clearly zero playtesting before launching the game or any of its updates.

They can play their own game and recreate and analyize the bug… ya know, like do the job of a playtester… they want their players to find the bugs and post photos of every bug, im surprised they dont ask us to track down the faulty code too.

But if you do find their faulty code make sure you dont alter it because then you receive a permaban because the money that they shouldve spent on playtesters was instead spent on their EULA lawyers.


The whole vote for an issue is even worse, some topics have hundreds of votes since October 23 and they are a thousand finger flicks down the page sitting there collecting virtual dust


look at my first post in this topic, how many photos, proofs of the fail do you need?? Since i started with FM6 on this mistake
Nothing done in FM6
Nothing changed in FM7
Same fail carried over to FH5 answer, wont get fixed
and now closing the thread with no change at all
Get it fixed lazy devs…

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They don’t even notice the mistake when they post a video of a new car

You can see that the needles are clearly illuminated and the interior lights too. The speedometer disk probably not, it doesn’t fit together, it shouldn’t be that way.

Hardly anyone is interested.
Unfortunately, the attention to detail has long been lost


Drove the new car at night the interior seems off not like on this pic during day. Shouldnt the speedo plate have a yellow, orange light at night?
And the indicators are turned on around the car at night

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