Cars - BMW 850CSI - Outdated Model and Forzavista Issues

The 1995 BMW 850CS8 is one of the most beautiful BMWs ever made in my opinion. It was exciting to see this car back in FH5.

However, its model is has some glaring visual issues.

The interior textures are terribly colored, unfinished and flat. The car headlights have a strange foggy, unclear and dim lighting & texture. The FORZA vista is completely broken and do not do anything when pressing the explode/implode option.

I am unsure if this car was laser-scanned given the multiple issues. While it’s exterior model is still somewhat better than those of the Carrera GT, 2004 GT3 and the Merc 190E, it is not aging well just like the other FM4 and earlier car models.

Please fix the car model’s headlights, interior textures and Forzavista bug as soon as possible. Cars like this can only be appreciated, observed and driven by everyone in game. Not everyone is fortunate to see this IRL.



Door wont open with the widebody

Which one?

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The forza kit

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Yes but which door

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The driver side and passenger side along with the trunk

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Aren’t there any mods to fix it?