Cars - Audio - Porsche 963 2024 - inaccurate sound in

The sound of the car doesn’t match the really m need to be fix.
Sound in the reality

Sound in the game

Also this is inaccurate. Stopped the rims are black, running they go silver…


You can report this

Yes…it looks just pathetic.

So mate, I did a comparison between the game’s sound internal and external views and then checked videos on YT.

I’d have to say this is one of the better sounding cars in the game and actually fairly close to the real one. It’s not inaccurate, really.

If you check my posting history, I’m very critical about car sounds. I’d have to give this one a pass. Looks like they put some effort into it.

Out of curiosity, what kind of sound setup are you running?


Sorry to say that the job done on the sound of the vehicle in the game is really quite good, just played both those clips and was surprised at how close Turn10 have been able to recreate it compared to quite a few others in the game that are way way off.

This one is a definite thumbs up :+1:

Hopefully going forward all the other vehicles added have this attention to detail aswell

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Oh definitely. Like I said, this is one of the better sounds, surprisingly well done actually.

If only they can give the same love to the modern V12 Ferrari hypercars. So desperate to see those get their true-to-life, unique sounds.

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Yeah but it sounds like Ferrari v8 in the game but in reality it has the thing that sound little 10% American v8

Hmm, interesting.

The thing is, I watched quite a few high definition POV and flyby videos on YT - same surround system for YT viewing as well and it sounds fairly close to the actual car - the details and nuances are there. Of course, not good as the real thing…