Cars - Audi RS 6 (C5) 2003 - Inaccurate car model

This issue has persisted since the first Forza Motorsport on the original Xbox. The C5 RS6 has a deformed model which looks out of place when compared to newer Audi models.

The entire front end is disproportionate. Headlights and grille are too big, while the air ducts in the bumper are too small. The headlights also have USDM side markers, that for some reason disappear in Photo Mode.

The rear end is also disproportionate. The taillights and license plate space seem too big compared to the rear bumper. All elements are also low quality.

This car, as well as all other cars with inaccurate models, deserves a complete rescan.

Jeepers, how many inaccurate models are there!?

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As many as there are Motorsport 1 and 2 models, plus some FM3 and 4 ones, although all X360 cars would do well with a rescan.


FM4 models seem pretty good to me. Some of them have tiny issues that don’t need complete remodels but I haven’t seen any super disproportionate models made for FM4.

Audi RS2 is one for sure. Although I’ve mostly seen the narrower 80 B4s, the RS2 I know for a fact is inaccurate because it’s all too tall. The E39 M5 I think also debuted in Motorsport 4, and that one surely needs a remodel because the entire front is wrongly shaped. The RS3 Sportback debuted in FM4 DLC and that one also has some shape and proportion issues. And the RS5 is evidently based on the Motorsport 2 S5, which was good for a Motorsport 2 model but is very much subpar now, and so both would need to be remodeled.
Overall, many FM4 DLC cars would be fine to reuse, but base game models aren’t as good.

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Okay, I didn’t know about those, so thanks for telling me. I would still say that the amount of detail in those broken models still makes them slightly better than the broken and low-detail FM1 models. I’m also rooting for the Pruis to come back to Forza games, as we need more slow economy cars. It was only featured in FM4, but the model is also pretty decent, other than a few geometry issues around the badges, which would be an easy fix.

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Here is the same car as it appears in the first Forza Motorsport