Cars - 2021 Curpa Formentor VZ5 - Incorrect Brake lights

The model of the car is beyond fantastic and great to drive a car own in the game.

Although the brake lights are incorrect, the High level brake light is correct, but the corners of the Light bar do not act as a brake light.

The Inner lights inside the light bar light up as brake lights, the outer and inner parts on the boot. Have attached one photo showing from my VZ2. Although if better, will get one when it is darker as well to.

One minor thing, ideally the Drive mode icon should be in Cupra mode and not in Comfort mode. Have also attached a photo of that to. All the icon would be the change from the Highway logo to the Cupra brand icon in the dashboard view.

You tell 'em :smile:, does your ride sound as good IRL ChrisHar89?


I have the 245 one and its the one without the fake noise machine and it does! Love the low rev barbles it does.

Have seen video’s of the VZ5 and that thing sounds fantastic to.

The brake lights is just annoying to me and the mode select is me being picky haha.


How can you hear the engine burble over the sound of Motorhead?



Stick the window down :stuck_out_tongue: + Stick into Sport or Cupra mode and makes it a bit louder to haha.