Cars - 2006 MITSUBISHI LANCER EVOLUTION IX MR - grills texture UV MAP size issue


Bug: Seems that the grills texture are wrongfully mapped as they appear bigger when compared to the EVO VIII

System: PC & Xbox (always reproducable)

Oh the Evo IX model… if you want to curse yourself, take a look at the stock front bumper from the side or a 3/4 view of the car, you’ll notice an enormous gap between the bumper and the front light. This happened because in Motorsport 5 the creators decided to change the Evo VIII model, but instead of rescanning it as they should, they got the FM3-4 Evo IX model body, combined it with FM1-FH1 Evo VIII model front and rear, slightly changed up the lights and called it a day; then later in FM6 they brought back the Evo IX with seemingly the same model, but since the lights were taken from the Evo VIII just with the switched insides, they were too big for the FM3-4 model stock Evo IX front bumper. A simple solution back then would be to properly model the bumper, but they didn’t…

Cant wait to see the “built from the ground up” model that will be in the upcoming motorsport

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