Cars - 2003 Toyota Celica Sport Specialty II - Razzi Rear Bumper is misbranded (should be Trial)

This is a very small mistake I noticed but ingame the Razzi Street Rear Bumper Option in the Aero Section is actually made by the brand Trial, it’s just been misbranded.

So it just needs to be renamed and have the logo replaced to that of Trial in the UI.

The Razzi Bumper looks completely different and is not featured ingame at all.

The Razzi Front Bumper and Sideskirt Options are correctly labelled as are the Trial options so it’s just the Rear Bumper which has the wrong brand attached.

Ingame Razzi Bumper:

Real World Razzi Bumper:


Source: 44bodykit_razzi1.jpg - Celica Hobby

Real World Trial Bumper

Source: Trial - Try Force Aero Kit - Celica Ver. 1 - Nengun Performance

As you can see the Ingame Rear Bumper Option is unmistakably the Real-World Trial Version instead of the Razzi.

Unfortunately I can’t find an Official Link from Razzi for their Bodykit as the Company seems to be largely defunct or otherwise operates through a very small dealer network.

They had that one in Motorsport 1, something happened on the way to 2 where the model was deleted and there were two of the same rear bumpers under two brands, then in 3 or 4 they deleted the correctly branded one