Cars - 1987 Mercedes-Benz AMG Hammer Wagon - Inaccurate Colour

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Hammer Coupé

The actual car (Source:VinWiki / Blue Ridge Mercedes)

What does it look like in free roam?

The colours in the garage and freeroam may differ a bit.

And it’s (just) paint so you can repaint it in the correct colour.

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I wonder if the body line is correct too, because they completely butchered the C124


It has been scanned recently so it should be.

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It was allegedly scanned together with the Hammer Coupe, so I would be surprised if it did not have the same inaccuracies that the Coupe shouldn’t have in the first place


In Freeroam it does look exactly the same. The picture looks totally legit to me. The color of the ingame car - definitely not. Totally artificial.

And obviously no metallic paint. This color is the only available color when you buy it in game. Cannot imagine this was the only color available back then - if it was available at all. I really doubt that!

Would have been the first car since ages that would have been bug-free.

Playing on XSX.

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I like it here! I am proud of you all!

The car is available only for some minutes and already five votes on this issue!

PG/T10 definitely should change the company which is scanning the cars for them. I am sure they have talents for other things.

PS: Now we all know why PG/T10 was not releasing an ingame picture in advance (only of that car). Probably they were having doubt about the color, too. So there is hope that the correct color will come in a future bugfix.

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FH5 has many original colours wrong.

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Man that headlights and the disproportionate model of the C124 Hammer Coupe is awful. Can’t ignore it lol.


It is completely different from the IRL car which has a darker, denim-like and semi-metallic shade of blue. Has to be the AMG Midnight Blue


Please note that the side window trim on the rear doors in game is incorrect. It’s chrome in game when it’s supposed to be blacked out. How do these new cars keep getting messed up?


Update. The AMG Wagon has terrible model like its brother.


No it isnt. Rear window is too small. It looks like Ford Granada at the back.


Copied from a post in an other thread.

1 - Wrong colour and material (it’s actually matt/satin black)
2 - Wrong colour and shape (the arm is black and the wiper is much longer)
3 - Wrong angle and shape (falls of way more and isn’t that wide)
4 - Completely wrong shape (the notches in the “glass” are actually way more prominent and the angle is wrong)
5 - Wrong shape (size and angle)
6 - Wrong shape (roundness and angle)
7 - Completely wrong shape (size and angle)
8 - Wrong shape and position (size and height)

The red marks show some of the parts where the scaling is completely off.

Here’s a photo of how the original looks.

And that’s just what’s wrong with the back on the first look!

Also, what is this?

I’ve paid extra money for this trash. Please fix it!!!


Unbelievable - but (sadly enough) true.

Maybe somebody should make a list of what is correct with this car model.

That would be a short list.

This dumbster fire of a car model was presumably sitting on their hard drives - for very good reason indeed - since around November 2020 when the first Hammer fell.

Regardless if it costs extra money or not - such stunts just do not make any sense in an AAA-title.

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According to a post on reddit they’ve scanned the car about three years ago already. I’ve my doubts the car was actually scanned or that these scans were used for the model if they exist but it’s quite possible that the model we’ve ingame exists since quite some time already.



The inside of the door of the real car looks more like the one of the Coupe we’ve ingame.


They seem to have wrongly used the style from a later version of the car that wasn’t existent at the time the Hammer was built.


Would be great to have your reply on this car model post I’ve created. Nice breakdown.

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C124 and S124 Hammer has been scanned/modeled altogether. It was taken during the time in FH4’s lifecycle, but FH4 added the Hammer Coupe and the Hammer Wagon is delayed to FH5.

With these disproportionate notices, I say this is a whole new level of inaccurate models. The modelers ruined them. LOL

They need fixing ASAP. No wonder why they have to follow the same old FM1 way of modeling the Hammers. :melting_face:


The more I look at the Hammer Wagon the more I doubt that they actually ever scanned a real life Hammer Wagon.

My working theory is that this Frankenstein Hammer is based on the scan of a real life Hammer Coupe.

Then the designers tried to mesh this up with the different ending and interiour.

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I’m just surprised that they haven’t added the sedan version of this car yet too like we have the coupe and the wagon now but i hope they add the sedan at some point like i get people have asked for so many more cars to be added so i get that it takes time too i eventually want to also see the 1998 Jzx100 Toyota Chaser be added too

We’ll get an E 500 soon. This could be a reason why there’s no Hammer Sedan.