CarPass car now broken?

Cant unlock todays carpass car.

Keeps saying error unreleased LOL

Any ideas anyone?

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Restart of the game solves it for me every time.


I did, several times…sadly no luck…

broken on xbox and pc

Don’t worry.
A couple of time it happened also to me. I was able to unlock the car the day after.
Tomorrow it will be unlocked.

well it’s now MONDAY the 28th and i still can’t get CAR PASS car. only started happening since last patch as i was able to claim every Friday regularly. this game is becoming MORE BROKEN with each new patch. soooo over it.

I got it earlier on (Xbox), shortly after it was made available so not sure what might be going on there. Things like quick resume cause isues from time to time, it doesn’t “think” to go and look to see if the flag has changed. Also full restart of an Xbox is worth doing daily.

I have Forza Horizon 5 Supreme Edition. Microsoft want to charge me one more time to access car pass. I trying several times today, the game throw me a window to “re-buy” the content.

On pc here had no problem getting this week’s or any other weeks car pass cars.

Like magic, my car which was due for release on 24th has now unlocked 24 hours late,…

oh well, least I got it…unlike that treasure hunt from last week that screwed me over in 100% completion… but I’m not bitter or anything.,…

I had very nearly forgotten about these. Last week there were four cars waiting for me to claim.

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It doesn’t even release for me, it’s the 25th, it would be released on the 24th… Several months in, and this game still is a total disaster…

It’s 6.20 pm on 25th, and still not released for me. Restarted the game and my pc 10 times, nothing. This game remains crap, even cyberpunk did not have this many issues.

What system are you playing the game on?

Pc, and i already tried syncing the time before launching the game, and rebooted several times. Even rebooted my router… Tomorrow i will try again, if it still doesnt work, i’m done playing forza for real. I said that multiple times, but after so much time, they should have fixed all issues. Instead, they add new ones.

I got the car yesterday without any issues. I went to the autoshow and changed the filter to cars not owned. The MG was sitting there waiting for me to buy for free. I’m on a PC MS store version.

For me the not owned option is unavailable, because according to the game, i own every car in the autoshow. And that would be true, exept this one is still detected as unreleased.

This is listed in the Known Issues. Please continue to try closing the game and rebooting as a workaround while the time works investigates a solution.

  • DLC - Car Pass - Car pass cars say unreleased when they are already out. (Workaround: Restart the game.) (Date Updated:02.18.22)

Same for me on PC. Almost every week I’ve had to restart once for the car to unlock. This week many restarts and >24h in and it’s still locked.

I fixed it, by reinstalling. I have the game from day 1, and never reinstalled it. Now i did, and more problems than this one got fixed… So for some reason, past few updates messed up my installation, now with a fresh install a lot of problems vanished. I have 1000mb connection, so it didn’t took me very long to do it anyway, syncing my save took more time than the actual reinstall.
Also, it created folders i can browse, like the steam version, where before, i could not access the game files. I have the regular msstore version.

For me it’s impossible to solve the problem, I can’t use all of my Cars from Car Pass, I try everything and nothing works. This game is getting worse and worse.