CarnationMist23's FH4 photo test

Almost a year ago, bought my first Xbox console, Xbox One S and as I love driving games, bought Forza Horizon 4 and Forza Motorsport 7 games in the same day I bought the console.
Just want to test how to post a photo from the gallery here in this forum…

Pontiac Trans-Am GTA

Edit: Doesn’t seem to work directly from the forum gallery. Trying from Flickr (another car):

That’s a nice spot! Some suggestions from me would be to zoom in 1.5-2x and back the camera up a bit. This will reduce the cameras’ FOV and will make this photo look better. Also, when you’re ready, you can start tweaking with the “Photo Effects” (or something like that). It’s actually pretty easy to get good photo settings, once you know what everything does. Good Luck and good job!

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dabb87c6-c7f9-45d8-bb99-8d2b1ae31152 by Noah Striker, on Flickr